Horses Rescued by Dramatic 4th July Parade Fire

by | Jan 28, 2019

The Norco family were on their way home from the Huntington beach fourth of july parade with their three horses. Their trailer set fire after a propane tank got loose and was dragging on the road causing sparks says Orange County Fire Authority spokesman Capt. Tony Bommarito. The fire started in the front of the trailer and the family stopped immediately when they saw the flames. Just moments before the orange county firefighters arrived the family luckily rescued their horses out from the back of the trailer before the fire spread and badly harmed the horses.

Orange County and Costa Mesa firefighters extinguished the flames very quickly on the northbound 55 freeway near dyer road at 1 pm. Luckily none of the horses or their owners were injured before the whole trailer ignited.

The firefighters in orange county are experienced and have dealt with similar trailer fires before in previous years.

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